Scale your business globally with innovative solutions on our payments platform. Unlock new product offerings to enhance customer experiences and activate new growth corridors.


TerraPay’s payments network manages risk and safeguards your business against fraud. With an infrastructure built for your business and your customers, to pay and receive secure payments from 200+ countries. In local and international currencies.

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we take care of the rest.

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Powering mobile wallet acceptance anywhere, anytime.

With Request-to-Pay, you can empower your customers to pay in local currencies and feel right at home, even when they are traveling outside their country.

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Acquiring Merchants

Empower your merchant network with

  • Instant and secure payments
  • Unlimited business growth
  • An expanding customer base

Issuing for customers

Enable your customers to

  • Increase cross-border spends
  • Use local currency globally
  • Pay in real-time

Effortless global payments for every business

Transform the way you send and receive payments, no matter how small, with customized solutions built for your business. Simplify payments and meet the evolving demands of your merchant networks, remote workforce, and customers around the world.

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Every detail matters

Our systems are compliant, in order to keep the fraudulent transactions in check


Real-time transaction monitoring to ensure transparency for every transaction, every time.


Effective risk management to keep our partners safe from potential threats and laundering.


In-depth sanction screenings that make no compromises on compliance, regulations and the safety of our partners.


Complete name validation, reducing transaction failures and reversals.

Building on our inhouse expertise in FX markets, Treasury is able to source and offer extremely competitive rates to its partners in 50+ currency pairs.

Find the right solution for your business

Pay-in and pay-out services for Wallets. IBANs and Cards with speedy and smooth transaction verification and completion.

Coming soon

Accelerates pay-in services with a single card, for CNP and CPI, Bank Debit and IBANs for merchant acceptance.

Coming soon

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